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Yes folks, that’s me! The Old Fart in person. I decided to use that as part of the title to my blog after my son accused me of being a ‘curmudgeonly old fart” during a ‘discussion’ we were having at the time.

I am 68 (so even the ‘old’ part of his description is not correct!) and have been married for 43 years (to the same person!) and have but one son.

I’ve been told (by those who know these things) that the Headline of my blog should contain my business name so as to ‘brand’ myself. As I don’t know any better I am acceding to their wishes, henceforward my blog shall be known as Chris Hooker Online.

I am the archetypical ‘Jack of All Trades’, having worked at most things at one stage or another. My father (He will be 100 in June this year) was a builder/paperhanger and I went to work with him every Saturday from the time I was eleven and ‘learned the trade’.

At seventeen I was sent to a military college (a pre-Sandhurst college for engineering students) and managed to get myself kicked out after one year. went home and, more out of shame than anything else, took an apprenticeship as an Electrical Design Draughtsman. Finished that and migrated to Australia.

Once here, I was informed that to work as a draughtsman I would have to take the apprenticeship again, under Australian conditions, so I went out and got myself a job. In the following twelve months I must have had at least a dozen jobs, I’d quit one and walk down the street to find another (I pity the kids nowadays!). I did everything from storeman to process worker to field mechanic with Burroughs Business Machines.

I met and fell head over heels for my now wife and my life changed. Since then I have worked as a linesman, postman, Poultry farmer (chook farmer as the Aussies call it), Chief Ground Instructor at an Helicopter Training School, and then as a blind and awning installer, the thirty-five years between postman and blind installer being self-employed as a contractor.

I am now retired, not because I wanted it, but no-one wants to employ persons of my age. Let’s face it, there are far too many youngsters without work.

I am currently involved in a couple of online businesses, Matt LLoyd’s  My Online Business Education (MOBE), Vince Reed’s MITS (My Internet Traffic Service) and Jeunesse, “It’s not the company, it’s the people.” Links to both are below. If you would like to talk to me about either of these you can contact me via Skype (christopher-hooker), Facebook (Come With Chris) or here, through the blog.

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