Bugger the Gurus!



“Re-invention is the  daughter of necessity!” so Bugger The Gurus!

Yep! That’s my quote and it really sums up the state of mind that I find myself in today. I am heartily sick of reading (and hearing) that “^%$*&% is the way to earn $1000 a month in just six weeks” or “Use my method and in a month you could be making $1000’s!”

I’ve been seeing, hearing, reading this sort of bullshit for soooo long now, and I have no doubt you have also, and I must admit I have been sucked (should that read suckered?) in too many times. It takes a long time for some of us to learn the lesson!

The problem is that so many of the top earners want to keep us on a string, selling more and more ‘products’ for ever higher prices. Most of the so-called ‘products’ are nothing more than a re-hash of an earlier system and, fair enough, most of them work if you put in the effort (and dollars!).

However, most of the ‘products’, techniques or ‘black hat  tricks’ are, in fact well known to anyone who has been in the field for any length of time. Some of the companies are worth the membership but most, in my opinion, are not!

So here’s what I am going to do – at first on a monthly basis, I am going to give you open slather to promote (or dis-promote!) any system, method, program or whatever that you as a consumer have bought and used. I am not opening the site to producers, writers or promoters of such, simply to those who have bought, used and are happy (or  not!) with the product they have bought or joined.

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of the site at present, submissions will have to be done by way of the Comments section but I hope to be able to change that in the not too distant future.

I would like this site to become a sharing house. Let’s face it we all have all the knowledge between us that we can possibly use, whether it be list building, traffic acquisition, blog monetisation, whatever!

More soon

8 thoughts on “Bugger the Gurus!”

  1. Hi Chris. I think I would call this the third stage of building a business online. First, you have the desire. Second, you buy a bunch of programs. Third, you fire the so-called gurus and find another way.

    I remember several years ago I started following a lot of the big blogging gurus of the time. What they said all sounded very good and believable so I bought into their programs. Then through watching them from within their programs you could see that what they were doing and what they were teaching didn’t line up. Then after a few rounds of product launches you could see that all they really were was a club of 5 or 6 people who staggered out their product launches through the year and promoted each others programs as affiliates.

    I fired them all years ago and now I can’t even remember who most of them were. I did find two of them. Both of them left off blogging on any kind of regular schedule and haven blogged at all this year.

    You have to take what you can get from each of your experiences, keep what you can use, throw away what you can’t, and do what feels right for you. I’m curious to see how you new plan works out.
    Ben recently posted…Can You Succeed in Network Marketing, or Affiliate Marketing?My Profile

    1. Hey Ben, I think you are right. I’m sure that many of us have been through the same (or similar) mill. It really is terrible how many of them are into the same paradigm but I suppose it is to be expected. After all the Internet is mooted to be “The Fountain of All Wealth” these days. Like you, I am intensely curious to see how it all works out.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’ve been through many “gurus” during my time on the internet. Some disappointing…giving the so called sizzle and not the steak. Others helped me so much with my business I’m still grateful.

    I do see some great people out there guru’s or almost guru’s giving amazing information. But I also see great information and people not following up. So I guess it all depends.

    I’ve worked with a great guru but it just wasn’t a fit for me. I still respect the guy, and know others that have had success following his stuff, but I didn’t follow up.


    1. Hi Donna, thanks for the comment. I know and understand what you mean by people not following up. I must be honest and say that I have been guilty of that behaviour myself. However there are too many so-called gurus out there offering product that, in some cases they have arbitraged or just bought the PLR for a system and are on-selling it. They have no knowledge of how or even what it does (or doesn’t do) and when asked any support question, run for the hills!
      I am sure that there are many like myself, who have some knowledge but don’t have the ‘missing link’ that will help them tie it all together. If I can get a blog up that is open to all of those people to freely share their experiences, good and bad, I think I can make it work.
      I hope so anyway.
      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Like most people I have been lured in by promises that on many occasions simply did not deliver what they promised.

    Actually if the truth be known I was guilty of chasing some “shiny objects” – or more correctly many shiny objects as I flounderd around trying to make sense of this making money online caper.

    Did I also buy too many things? Absolutely and in fact sometimes I didn’t even make the time to properly implement some of the very programs and courses I purchased.

    How stupid can you be? But at that stage I was looking for a solution and not prepared to admit that I was also seeking some sort of “quick fix” to my lack of success.

    I guess one thing came out of these experiences – I got to really understand and appreciate great sales pages but finally from a marketer and not a consumer’s perspective.

    It may have been a god send but a few months ago my computer crashed and I lost most of these “shiny object purchases”. Since then I have been very wary about purchasing anything!

    Enjoyed the honesty of your post mate

    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


    1. Peter you are not alone in buying ‘stuff’ that you either don’t open or don’t use! First let me thank you for commenting on, what was to be the start of a revolution. I emailed twenty or more leaders asking them if they would supply me with a short description of how they had been let down (or ‘led up’ the garden path!) by one or more gurus and among those leafes were plenty of names you would recognise. Three replied! Two of them that they were just too busy at present (acceptable, at least they replied!), one came through with a short post from which I could take what I wanted (our own Jenny Jordan, who else?). None of the others deigned even to respond !
      And I guess that fact alone tells me something about the ‘state of play’. The vast majority of the ‘leaders’ out there have only one thing in mind, themselves!
      Bearing the response I had in mind I have had to postpone the post I had planned for the opening post of my new blog “The Ebb Tide” (not published yet!). As soon as I get it under way I will let you know. It will be aligned on a new paradigm, one of self-help rather than a podium for sellers.
      My theory is that most of us who have not been successful have been in the field for long enough, bought enough, learned enough to be able to assist others, and in turn to be helped, mentored and otherwise encouraged.
      The tide turns at The Ebb Tide.
      Your thoughts?

      1. Hi Chris,

        That’s very disappointing to hear about such a lack of response from these so-called leaders.

        Just 2 weeks ago I had virually the opposite reaction for a post about BadAss Bloggers – all of them responded and encouraged mem to go ahead with my post plus they supported and shared it as well.

        As someone who has only been blogging for 18 months I definitely do haver alotv ot learn but I also know even now I could be very helpful to beginners who are just starting out online or people who are realy strugling – and they are precisely my target audience.

        We’l see what happens mate
        Best wishes from a very hot and monsoon wet Thai village

        Peter Beckenham recently posted…8 BadAss Bloggers You Must FollowMy Profile

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