What a Couple of Weeks!


You may remember some months ago our Queen, dear old Lizzie, complained that Britain had gone though an ‘annus horibillis‘. I think that is the Latin for a ‘bloody awful year!’

Well folks, I may not know the Latin for it but I, we, our family has just gone through a bloody awful couple of weeks.

It started out reasonably well, I had a good idea for this post, I mean the next post and I immediately went about trying to secure the copy I needed.

I had the idea of posting snippets from many respected people in the business of network, content and affiliate marketing, as to how they had been stuffed around, lied to or otherwise sold a pig in a poke by some of the “gurus”.

I proceeded to fire off emails to no less than twenty of the aforesaid respected people, requesting a short para or three regarding their experiences in this regard, if any. I received in return three “sorry but I’m too busy” which is understandable and expected.

Only one (ONE!) out of the remaining seventeen sent me anything at all and that was our own dear Jenny Jordan (Thanks again Jen!). That was the start of my bad couple of weeks.

You may remember that I spoke some time ago about my Dad’s 99th birthday. Five days before his 101st birthday, on June 21st 2016, he died. Apparently he’d had a fall sometime in the previous week, some sort of infection had set in and that was it!

And then a week later on June 28th at about 2.30pm, my son had a massive heart attack! Three of his arteries were blocked. Fortunately, I was working with him when it happened so I drove him to the Doctor’s surgery where they did what they could while waiting for an ambulance.

Three paramedics worked on him en route and on arrival he was taken straight into surgery where they installed two stints. (The third will come later I imagine.)

He’s out of hospital now, not allowed to drive for two weeks at least and not capable of doing much at all.

If he was an employee he would have been off work for at least two months but as a small-business man (effectively a one man operation) that option is not available.

As a consequence of that I am working pretty much full-time so as to take the load of him and allow his body to repair and rebuild.

I haven’t been able to maintain this blog over the past month because of these events ( I have been pretty busy!) but will be back on deck soon and will attempt to keep the flow going in the meantime.

More soon

Latest Online Marketing Trends

Let’s have another look at the latest Online Marketing trends that will  be coming more and more prevalent in 2016.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, things are ever changing, within the natural environment and in this particular environment that we have chosen to become involved in even more so.

I have already made mention of App Indexing and the fact that Video Ads are going to become more in the forefront of Marketing in 2016 and I’m about to add a few more.

Virtual Reality

No, not the NASA version as shown in the image above but VR that will be available to the man in the street later this year. Probably the most hyped of the dozens slated for release in the next couple of years is that developed by Oculus, due to be released first quarter 2016.


Designed primarily for gamers, Oculus Rift comes complete with two games included in the package and from what I’ve seen, Valkyrie looks to be good ‘shoot-em-down’ action game. At Sundance last month there were several new films for VR introduced “Dear Angelica” among them.

These new VR devices are going to open up new markets both for online advertisers and for App builders, in fact Oculus is already accepting suggestions and layouts for Apps.

When they become fully integrated with Social Media the advertising world will be blown open, new video channels will open up and there will be scope for new forms of direct messaging.

I suppose that there is always a chance that interest in VR will wane but given the size of the development budget and the other billions just waiting for the opportunity, I doubt it very much.

Online Advertising

Along with the new avenues for advertising which will increase in leaps and bounds with the advent of VR. The price of Online advertising is set to skyrocket.

Competition in this world has increased dramatically over the past couple of years and this year will see a huge increase in that competition.

Price is usually led by demand in economic terms and there is no good reason why this dictum will not apply in the case of online advertising. Don’t be surprised to see a few of the smaller advertising companies and agencies fall by the wayside!

At the moment online advertising is still relatively cheap But that will not last long. Prices are due for a large hike, and sooner rather than later!

IoT or the Internet of Things and Wearable Technology


2015 saw the advent of the Apple Watch, one of the first generation of ‘smart’ wearables which will start to emerge and as more and more become available, the prices will start to come down.

More ‘smart’ devices are bound to show very bright in the forthcoming constellations, in sports clothing, more advanced watches, ‘invisible’ smarts!

These will all start to appear this year and will tend to blur the lines even more between “real’ marketing and “online” or “virtual” marketing.

It’s going to be an interesting year!

More soon