Oh shit! I am insane!

Everyone in marketing has, at one time or another heard the old adage “doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome is one definition of insanity!” That adage has decided my title for today, ‘Oh shit! I am insane!’archiecomics crazy archie comics jughead archies weird mysteries

For close to two years now I have been blogging here and regularly posting what I thought were meaningful, insightful and helpful pieces on marketing, social media and associated topics in the hope that I would generate a following and, eventually, some subscribers.

Nah! It hasn’t happened! I have exactly zero subscribers, very few commenters, and they are there simply because I have engaged with them on their blogs, not due to any inherent value of my posts.

In short, everything I have done to this point has been exactly as stated in the quote at the top of the post. Rinse, Repeat – and get the same bloody result!

This morning I watched John Chow‘s video on overcoming negative influences. The other day I watched a video on the importance of following you particular passion, I think that one was one of Ryan Biddulph‘s. Each of these left me in a quandary. I have already decided that ‘Oh shit! I am insane!’, so what am I going to do about it?

Negativity from others I can handle, I’m used to it after sixty years of others telling me that I can’t do it, that I’ll never amount to anything, that I’m completely bloody useless. It’s like water off a duck’s back now. It used to get me down but these days I wear it like a badge of honour. So, although I appreciated John’s video and was thankful for the reinforcement he provided, it was nothing  new.

Ryan’s video, by contrast did stimulate me. Ryan talked about ‘following your passion’, and I’ll happily wager that everyone has heard that before. However, it has always presented a problem for me.

You see, I’ve never had a passion, for anything! Oh! There have plenty of things I have been, and still am, interested in. Some of them have occupied me for years, to the exclusion of almost anything else. Radio-controlled model helicopters and aeroplanes was one such. For a period of ten years or more I was intensely involved with the fabrication and flying of both, and organising National Championships for both types of aircraft.

Die cast model cars was another and I amassed a collection of pre 1970 Formula One model cars that numbers in the hundreds. Once again, a period of ten years or so was occupied by this preoccupation. Both of these ‘proclivities’ have have left me now but even when I was in full thrall to these interests I would not have described either as being a “passion!”

I love driving and I love driving fast in old cars. I have previously mentioned my little sportscar that used to take up a lot of my time, no doors, no roof, I could stub out my cigarette on the roadway by putting my hand down it was that low. A chassis, power train with an engine that revved freely to twelve thousand rpm and a bit of glass-fibre that was it 500kg of pure unadulterated fun! Then it was stolen!

I suppose it could be said that I was an afficionado of each of these interests but passionate? Nah!

So here is my quandary: it has already been established that I don’t have a ‘passion’ which I can tout, advocate, propound or otherwise extol, what do I do?

Do I simply post about all the tiny little things that entertain my tiny little brain?

Do I write about what has happened to me during the day (and at 70, it’s nothing much!)?

Do I write about the trite, infantile political polemic of the day?

I am asking you, dear reader (I do know that thee is at least one of you) to assist me in this situation. Proffer your advice, give me your suggestions – Please!

More soon (I hope!)

10 thoughts on “Oh shit! I am insane!”

  1. Hi Chris. I understand your quandary. I’ve been blogging since February 2009 and I don’t get many comments on my blogs. The comments I do get, like you, are mostly because of comments that I have left on other people’s blogs. To be honest, I think most blogs are that way. If you notice, it’s usually the same people that comment on each post week after week, an unofficial blogging tribe.

    The reason I continue is because the comments and followers are not my first goal. I’m in network marketing and decided to put the products I sell online and my focus has always been on SEO. I added the blog because it is a great place to add content that targets additional keywords and create internal links on my website – SEO gold.

    I enjoy the comments that I get and the few connections I have made. The people I have met through blogging are not even in my target audience. Being in Australia, you can neither buy my products nor join my business. Yet you are one of at least three blogs in Australia that I visit and comment on.

    I do it for exposure and for SEO (I love Commentluv).

    My recommendation, and most other bloggers will probably disagree with me, is talk about your businesses. Your About page says that you are involved with a handful of different things. Talk about them and target keywords related to those businesses. Build up your SEO to get search traffic to dedicated pages about those businesses. That’s what I do and I generate income every month.

    My most recent post is a perfect example of what I do. I talk about multivitamins in general and at the end I have a link to a product page that provides a particular solution.

    I don’t know if that help you or not. I hope it does.

    1. Thanks Ben, I really appreciate your comments (I also use CommentLuv and think it’s great!). My ‘quandary’ arises because I continually see the ‘great gurus’promote writing about “your passion” but I think you’re right. I’ll just give your suggestion a red-hot go and see what comes of it. Let’s face it, I couldn’t get any fewer views and if I include some advertisements in the sidebar, who knows? Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hey Chris!
    I think what’s ultimately holding you up is focus. Like you said, you have no passion, and writing about everything and anything is fun, but readers don’t know the focus of your blog. And if they don’t know what you write/teach/focus on, they don’t know if your content is something they’re going to continually be interested in so they don’t keep coming back.

    1. Corinne, thanks for the response, you are dead right, I do need to adopt some focus. I suppose that what I am really asking is ‘what do I focus on?’ As I have said, I’m not passionately involved in anything and will not pretend to be for the sake of garnering readers or subscribers. I cannot believe that I am the only person in the ‘blogosphere’ who has this difficulty (I nearly called it a problem!), what do others do about it?
      As Ben suggested, I can write about the businesses I am involved in but there won’t be any mind-numbing passion about the writing. I can do it easily but I still keep coming back to the freely given advice of so many bloggers “put some passion into it!’

  3. Hi Chris,

    Nice blog you have here. 🙂

    I’d give you the following suggestion if you’re not sure what to blog about.

    A lot of people say, go after your passion.

    That can be true to some extent, and in some situations, but… often it is not.

    Instead, I would say adopt the following mindset:

    Don’t go after what you’re passionate about. But rather…

    … go after what you’re INTERESTED in or CURIOUS about.

    Passion come and goes. It is here today, gone tomorrow. Many do not even have one. As maybe yourself…

    But interest and curiosity? It can last a long while.

    Find something that you are genuinely interested in or curious about right now, and create a blog solely dedicated to talking about that.

    Following your passion can often be a flawed approach…

    So just build a blog around something you’re really interested in right now.

    Now, I see you are a man of many interests. So that shouldn’t be too hard for you…

    1. Thanks for the visit Leonardo and thanks also for the suggestions. As you mentioned I am a man of many interests and I suspect that is part of the problem, which one! It’s winter here (just about) so the bees aren’t doing much, it’s too bloody cold to get down to the beach at dusk for any worthwhile fishing. Since my little sportscar was stolen I have little drive (sorry!) to go racing – or money come to think of it!
      Don’t worry, I am doing my normal ‘think of all possible negatives’ trick. I will adopt your strategy, will it be an interest or just plain curiosity?
      We’ll have to wait and see how the muse takes me.
      Thanks again for visiting.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I can appreciate your quandary because I’m a gal with many interests also. I do believe the world passion is overstated. I know I can write a blog post and go in ten different directions.

    But…I’ll share what I do with this old brain of mine. I focus. Now that’s not easy. What I need to do to focus is write things down. If I’m interested in something…I make a list of all the things that are connected with that. It give me the material for a blog post.

    But how about working backwards? If you are blogging to monetize something focus on that. You mentioned you liked model cars for example. I would say that would be a great niche market.

    Imagine if you will, a fellow model car guy who lost a part. Where the heck can he get it? Find out where these parts are buy them up and sell them. You can be the model car king!

    Get the picture? Whatever niche you want to be in, find a solution to a problem people have. I sure you have tons of knowledge on many things. Find one…and stick to it.

    That’s my two cents!


    1. Donna, thanks for the response. You will see from my latest post that I have almost made a decision on the direction my blog will take from now. That is, assuming that it generates enough interest!
      I know and appreciate what you are saying about focus, because I am such a “Jack of all trades” I have many different interests and perhaps that is why I lack focus? Maybe it is the other way around, is it because I lack focus that I have become involved in so many totally different subjects?
      Thanks anyway for the two cents, I’ll bank them for a rainy day!

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