I Was Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

My name is Chris Hooker, I am 66 years old, 1.78m tall (5ft 10) and weigh in at 104kg (about 16.5stone). That gives me a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) of about 32.6, and that means I am technically OBESE! (my BMI should be under 25 – to find your BMI, just Google it).

That is the first time I have actually seen that figure, solidly, in front of me, and it comes as a shock! I don’t know why it should, I have known for some time (years!) that it was the case, but to actually see it on the screen – it does shock me.

My Doctor diagnosed me as being Type 2 Diabetic about six months ago, since that time I have eliminated sugar from my diet and by simply controlling what I eat, have my blood-sugar levels under control.

My goal now is to get my weight back under control and regain some level of fitness. Fortunately I gave up smoking a couple of years ago after 50 years on the weed, and that wasn’t easy let me tell you!

Sooo, I am inviting you, my readers (if any) to come with me on the journey of my life (literally) as I strive to lose 25kg in weight.

A few weeks ago I heard part of an interview on the radio. The Gentleman being interviewed was talking about taking part in a scientific experiment concerning fasting and weight loss and reducing risk levels for Altzheimer’s and heart disease and improving brain function and………

From what little I heard, it all seemed to good to be true (and you all know what they say about anything that seems to be to good to be true……), so I decided to do a little research of my own.

It wasn’t so difficult, I found his name rather quickly, Dr. Michael Mosley, a documentary maker for the BBC in the UK. He was approached in the first instance by a BBC producer to investigate the science behind life extension.

During the course of these investigations he, and the others in his team, decided that the most fruitful area to explore was that of fasting and calorie restriction.

This particular regimen (calorie restriction) is the only one that has been shown to extend lifespan, in animals at least. There are currently around 50,000 human test subjects world wide involved in this sort of experimentation, but it is pretty extreme.

When they discovered Intermittent Fasting they were delighted to find that, while it meant eating fewer calories, it was for only part of the time, and Intermittent Fasting is the road I will be taking in an effort to lose those kilos.

I will be continuing with this blog as time progresses (and hopefully, my weight decreases!).