My Father was 99 Last month!

I’m a miserable old git.

According to my son, I’m curmudgeonly! (Look it up!). Now, let me preface the following by saying that what I am about to write here is not intended to engender any sympathy at all toward me or my situation, which is, without reservation, entirely my own.

I am, I suspect, a product of the time and location I grew up in. I am English, a Londoner, even though I have lived in Australia for forty-five years and there is no way known I would ever go back to live there. Due in large to the experiences he had in the Middle East during the Second World War, my Father (the old man) was a cold, hard, martinet while I was growing up, and I couldn’t wait to leave home.  I now realise that my experience of the old man wasn’t of the total man, and underneath that cold heartless persona there was another person. However, just as soon as I finished my apprenticeship I signed the papers to emigrate. I’ve been here ever since.

For the vast majority of my working life I was self-employed, doing various things from Contract Postman, Poultry Farm Manager and Linesman to becoming Chief Ground Instructor (the first in the country!) at a Helicopter Training School. Yeah, I’ve been around. I suspect that a lot of people reading this will be saying to themselves either ‘I know how it feels’ or ‘so what!’ The thing is that through all that time, and through some of it I was earning good money, there was never any thought given to what will come after I finished working for a living. To be perfectly honest I didn’t expect the end to come quite as quickly as it did, but that’s no excuse.

I didn’t plan for retirement! When it happened to me I was totally unprepared. We had maybe 60 grand in the bank and owned our house, and that was it! After a couple of years the cash reserves are down to about twenty grand and we’re living on the pension. For our generation, it is just about do-able, I pick up a day’s work here and there when I can and it helps.

The point is that a total lack of prudential planning on my behalf has put us in the situation we are now experiencing.

My old man was 99 last month, my oldest sister is nearly 80 and my youngest is 60. From all the evidence so far, we are a long-lived breed and I’m banking on another thirty years at least. Let me tell you that 30 years living on the pension is not a fate that any man would wish for.

I’ve just mentioned that the old man was 99 last month, strangely enough, next June he is going to knock up the Century (he’d always threatened to do that, the old bugger!), and I have determined that I am going to go over to celebrate his Centenary with him. That means that between now and about April 2015 I have to generate at least $20,000. And this is how I’m going to do it


It’s not going to happen overnight and it’s going to take a lot of work but I CAN DO IT! If you relate to my story at all and have your own reasons for wanting to be free, join me. Just copy and paste the link into your browser.

I Was Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

My name is Chris Hooker, I am 66 years old, 1.78m tall (5ft 10) and weigh in at 104kg (about 16.5stone). That gives me a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) of about 32.6, and that means I am technically OBESE! (my BMI should be under 25 – to find your BMI, just Google it).

That is the first time I have actually seen that figure, solidly, in front of me, and it comes as a shock! I don’t know why it should, I have known for some time (years!) that it was the case, but to actually see it on the screen – it does shock me.

My Doctor diagnosed me as being Type 2 Diabetic about six months ago, since that time I have eliminated sugar from my diet and by simply controlling what I eat, have my blood-sugar levels under control.

My goal now is to get my weight back under control and regain some level of fitness. Fortunately I gave up smoking a couple of years ago after 50 years on the weed, and that wasn’t easy let me tell you!

Sooo, I am inviting you, my readers (if any) to come with me on the journey of my life (literally) as I strive to lose 25kg in weight.

A few weeks ago I heard part of an interview on the radio. The Gentleman being interviewed was talking about taking part in a scientific experiment concerning fasting and weight loss and reducing risk levels for Altzheimer’s and heart disease and improving brain function and………

From what little I heard, it all seemed to good to be true (and you all know what they say about anything that seems to be to good to be true……), so I decided to do a little research of my own.

It wasn’t so difficult, I found his name rather quickly, Dr. Michael Mosley, a documentary maker for the BBC in the UK. He was approached in the first instance by a BBC producer to investigate the science behind life extension.

During the course of these investigations he, and the others in his team, decided that the most fruitful area to explore was that of fasting and calorie restriction.

This particular regimen (calorie restriction) is the only one that has been shown to extend lifespan, in animals at least. There are currently around 50,000 human test subjects world wide involved in this sort of experimentation, but it is pretty extreme.

When they discovered Intermittent Fasting they were delighted to find that, while it meant eating fewer calories, it was for only part of the time, and Intermittent Fasting is the road I will be taking in an effort to lose those kilos.

I will be continuing with this blog as time progresses (and hopefully, my weight decreases!).